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Posted on Jan 27th, 2011
re: Nicole Richie Was Probably Doing Coke (70 comments)

seriously, that comment made me so angry I made an account on this stupid fucking website just to say this: it’s people like you that made me actually want to slit my wrists. along with justin beiber, and people that can’t tell the difference between emo and punk. The name of this website says it all – super-fucking-ficial. why do you people care if she was doing coke anyway? Loads of people do drugs, but just coz she’s famous for doing nothing-in-particular everyone seems to care. maybe she only did it to numb the annoyance she gets from ‘fans’ like you who have nothing better to do than to sit around leaving stupid comments on things that you have no clue about. And what did you mean about doing lines of coke with billie joe armstrong? that man happens to be my idol, and i dont take it lightly when people insult him, although they know nothing about him, apart from ‘he was that guy who did american idiot, i think?’
stupid, superficial, judemental bitch.