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Posted on Jul 29th, 2011
re: Why Doesn't Selena Gomez Look More Pregnantish? (46 comments)

so true ” the critical crassness”.

my opinion is this:
i doubt they had sex. i doubt she ever had a pregnancy scare.

secondly, she isnt using the biebs for fame. she was famous way before he came into her life. she had a youtube page where she promoted all sorts of stuff and that was way before biebs. she also did a lot of promotional stuff. just cuz things are more happening for her doesnt mean its cuz of him. and what if it is. ya dont think he’s using her too in some way shape or form. if they’re both okay with using each other then why is that so bad?

also karlito- in some states ( with parental consent) that they can do the nasty.
come on, look at ‘teen mom’, and all the teens who are/were pregnant, do you think they all got consent? nope.

Posted on Jul 29th, 2011
re: Why Doesn't Selena Gomez Look More Pregnantish? (46 comments)

true dat ” it had to be said” true dat.

Posted on Jul 29th, 2011
re: Why Doesn't Selena Gomez Look More Pregnantish? (46 comments)

i can totally prove it that when you’re fat, you barely show. check out my facebook page if you dont believe me. and the others like ” it had to be said” is right on. natalie portman shown immediately and thats why she openly discussed being pregnant. look at peeps like kate moss too. she shown immediately. same with kate hudson. posh too shown then again certain things she wore nicely hid the bump. if selena was even pregnant, we’d know about it. and she’s not like teen mom retards. she wont get pregnant until maybe when justin bieber turns 18.

also science didnt discuss pregnancies. maybe about animals but not about humans. thats sex education class that talked about women’s bodies.

also what about boobs? its not standard postpartum. i didnt get my boobs done and neither did a lot of celebs. some celebs got there boobs done beforehand like christina aguilera and kourtney kardashian just to name a small few. when you’re pregnant, depending on weight and all, your boobs becomes bigger. if you’re big chested and pregnant, they’ll barely grow. look it up in pregnancy books/ online websites.

celebs gets there boobs done for various reasons. back in the day, the celebs were told to get there boobs done so they can get more work. nowadays a lot of celebs are opting to get them reduced because of the pains that comes with having big boobs. trust me, it causes all sorts of non-fun. we may be nice to look at but its painful as heck.

and by the way, i weight almost 200 LBS and i am showing. you typed that if you weigh 180 then you cant tell. i weighed 180 when i first got pregnant. i am on my 3rd trimester and my belly just expanded some more where its evident that i am pregnant. so you’re completely wrong.