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Posted on Aug 21st
re: Anais Zanotti & Tahiti Cora Bikini Photos: Miami (6 comments)

Uh….I’m no gynecologist (Like Fish pretends to be in his spare time) but what’s going on there on the left?

Posted on Aug 21st
re: A Special Thanks From The Desk of The Superficial (125 comments)

I miss the “she could spear fish with those arms” comments you used to make. Now all we get is “cottage cheese in a trash bag” stuff! Proof that the evil Kardashians are taking over.
Keep on rockin’ Fish

Posted on Aug 19th
re: Taylor Swift Wants To 'Shake It Off,' I'm On My Way (32 comments)

Actually sat through most of this porn video, but no Policewoman or Nurse costume change so I can only give it 2 stars


Yes, please.

Posted on Aug 15th
re: The Crap We Missed - Friday 8.15.14 (5 comments)

“That’s what I’m talking about, Napoleon”

Posted on Aug 15th
re: Why Is Chelsea Handler Naked? WHY? (38 comments)

I wouldn’t hit it with Fish’s dick and PhotoBoy pushing!

DING! Winner. It’s also very handy for those assholes who act like…assholes. They can just ask forgiveness and praise jesus and all is forgotten

Bible Study? I’m going to puke

Posted on Aug 14th
re: Are Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss Lesbians? (18 comments)

That, or maybe it’s like Gay Gang signs. You know “D” is the fourth letter..for Dyke.
Yeah that’s it.

That being said, Dear Ms. Taylor: Please produce and distribute forthwith a sex tape with your new GF.
That is all