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Posted on Jul 22nd
re: Jay Z & Beyonce Are Consciously Uncoupling (32 comments)

Divorce is expensive because its worth it.

mental illness is a real problem with women and she is just another example.

Posted on Jul 14th
re: JWoww Has Birthed (8 comments)

Margaret Cho is having a baby?

Posted on Jul 8th
re: Elisabetta Canalis Sunbathing Topless And Other News (15 comments)

top notch soon before she pulls a Seles and marries some old CEO and ends up childless which is a waste of good Sardinian genes..clooney peaked with her…kiebler a notch below and that arab liberal with her fake job and causes is what got clooney so hes clearly losing it in his old age.

Posted on Jul 7th
re: Who Got Herpes This Weekend? And Other News (3 comments)

love Paris. She needs to have some babies.

Posted on Jun 27th
re: Angel Haze On Ireland Baldwin: 'We F*ck' (52 comments)

Her father has to be proud of her inclusive non discriminitory lifestyle after all he is a champion of liberalism and a psychopath. This really should be a non story as he probably introduced them to each other.

Posted on Jun 19th
re: Heidi Klum & Seal Might Get Back Together (13 comments)

Once you go black, everyone else sends you back.

Posted on May 28th
re: 50 Cent's First Pitch Went Well (39 comments)

Hillary and her campaign were the original birthers. Bill knows Soetoro wasnt eligible and thats why all the Democrats kept putting forth legislation to change what it means to be a natural born citizen. Then they realized McCain wasnt eligible either him being born in Panama and all so they all just said screw it and let the best pig win. The list of people on both sides of the aisle who need to be imprisoned runs deep.

Im still waiting for one of those hospitals in Hawaii to say he was born there but it never happens. The truth will come out eventually but the dude in the oval office is not eligible and could be anyone. Besides, is it really possible for a real american to destroy the country the way he has without it being intentional. I dont even think John Kerry could do as bad on his own.

50 cent throws worse than Soetoro. I never thought anyone could be that bad but he matched the limp wristed President. Ill bet fitty could name more Mets players then Soetoro could name from his home town team the White Sox or Mombassa FC or whoever he roots on any given day to please his audience.

Posted on May 28th
re: This Is The New Daredevil? (9 comments)

So Landon Donovan got a hair transplant and a new job after Klinsmann left him at home.

Posted on May 27th
re: Let's Talk About Jessica Simpson's Instagram (16 comments)

smokin hot. Just stop wearing those damn granny bathing suits and get in a bikini so we can see those curves.