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Cosbys mistake was stepping off the plantation if even for a moment. If he had stayed on it, hed be celebrated as a stud like Bill Clinton. I mean some of his accusers make Clintons accusers seem like Rhodes Scholars and top shelf human beings yet they are all shunned as lunatics and liars.

Racism only works when its convenient for liberals, communists, and failed minorities. The fact they are getting all the play they are getting out of Ferguson should make us all embarrassed.

I am still wondering where the racism comes in play into any one of these cases whether it be Trayvon, Feguson, Garner etc yet its like whites are all racist all over the media when blacks are the biggest racists/victims in this whole country using incidents like these to justify bad behavior and more requests for handouts from the productive people in this country who are having guilt shoved down their throat by the same people who used the American Dream to their advantage.

Keep crying racism, even with horrible sets of facts, but you cant argue the fact that black people are the most failed people and biggest drag on a productive society as a whole than any other groups of people. Cosby is just a reminder if you succeed as a black man you better do it as a liberal tit sucker or you will be crucified at the slightest opportunity.

Role Mode?
Come on really? I cant even add anything. I am guessing she was using her face muscles to keep from laughing as she said that but sciopaths dont even need to do that.

If you ever saw her in person you would realize how grossly unnattractive she is and thus her career objective was to be a cum and piss dumpster for black guys.

Her mom really is proud of her.

Posted on Nov 7th
re: Khloe Kardashian's Giant Ass in a Tight Dress (4 comments)

even after you pee on it. Did I get your attention Kim?

Posted on Nov 7th
re: Sasquatch Butt In The Morning And Other News (22 comments)

Forget her wookie wallet, that is one hell of a bando butt.

Seriously Leila? Masters degrees and PHds in sociology or some other art that only allow you teach others who want the same worthless degree does not count as educated. Conservatives are producers and liberals are leeches in general.

But then again you probably need an advanced degree to keep track of all the names our Kenyan President uses.

Posted on Oct 14th
re: How Do You Replace Kelly Brook With This? (25 comments)

Kelly Brook is the perfect woman. I envy the man who gets to father her children as she will look even better post baby.

You know you have no self esteem as a woman if you openly date and marry a black guy if you have money and look as good as those girls do. I mean they should be dating top quality men who look like normal human beings and dont wear outfits looking like farmers from harlem.

Kris and Bruce Jenner should be shot for being horrible parents and raising their kids to have no self esteem no matter how much money they make off their exploitation.

Posted on Oct 14th
re: Miley Cyrus Is Topless (21 comments)

only thing attractive about her is her money and that is offset by her personality and mouse face so she is a zero.

Posted on Sep 30th
re: Kelly Brook's Single Again (21 comments)

the perfect woman..glad she got rid of ths guy.
She needs to meet a successful, athletic, white guy who can be faithful and just have a bunch of kids.

Posted on Sep 29th
re: We Live In A World Where George Clooney Is Married (29 comments)

Poor George has his head so far up Al Gore and Soetoros ass that he would give up banging women like Stacy Kiebler and Elisabetta Canalis to marry a lawyer with a bullshit human rights law job(you know the kind of job Michelle Soetoro had at the hospital that was not even filled after she left) so he can feel like hes really involved in the liberal cause and move up the ass kissing ladder and hang with pseudo intellectuals in the legal and political field while acting like he belongs and he and his anti american wife pretend to care about the lower class people they wouldnt otherwise go near.

This dude is a big douchebag. Marrying this bland self serving woman isnt going to change it but its a match made in heaven for each of them however.