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Posted on Apr 16th
re: That's Heidi Klum Completely Topless (16 comments)

Smokin hot German woman the likes of Steffi Graf, Julia Goerges, and Katarina Witt. Still has it going on despite being age 40 and losing some of her appeal because of her interaction with Seal.
Can pretty much have any man any time she wants.

Women like Jenny are why men commit mass murder and have such bad attitudes. Smoking hot, kind of fun, but totally self centered and narcisistic. We see her and really want to meet her and walk around like a king if she will give us the time of day and heaven forbid have sex with us, but as time passes, she shows her stupidity and that all that matters is money and status and fame and we are just specks of crap on her shoes.

We want women like this but that they fact they are what they are.

Posted on Apr 9th
re: Clarissa Explains Her Bikini Body (22 comments)

hot and of the best chicks out there.

Posted on Apr 9th
re: We Lost The Ultimate Warrior (1959 - 2014) (67 comments)

Why are we reading about this Warrior guy. I mean somewhere right now there is a press conference being held by some no name athlete or other low level personality stating he is gay and black and we need to interview him about it because he likes to stick his cock in other mans assholes and damn it others must know because what he is doing is groundbreaking and truly matters.

Posted on Apr 2nd
re: Jennette McCurdy Got 'Sam & Cat' Cancelled (36 comments)

Call Aaron Carter and offer him some steroids and 300 a week and problem solved.

Team Ariana.

Posted on Mar 24th
re: Heidi Klum Bikini Photos: Paradise Island, Bahamas (2 comments)

The Druppenfuhrer still looks pretty good but I still cant decide what is a bigger turn off, watching her and then seeing those children or seeing Kate Upton and then hearing her talk.

Posted on Mar 4th
re: Jennette McCurdy Lingerie Selfies Leaked Online (45 comments)

Nothing sexy about this chick. Big head. Tiny body. Annoying personality.

Please post more pictures of Kelly Brook. That is what a woman should look like.

Posted on Feb 19th
re: How Many Affairs Is Gwyneth Paltrow Having? (19 comments)

This woman is such a horrible self absorbed human being that she makes me want to jerk off to pictures of Hilary Clinton and Michelle Obama.

Stop Hatin on Vanilla. Atleast hes still relevant unlike that real rapper MC Hammer. With few exceptions, they are all marketing gimmicks copying others stuff.

Dude continues to reinvent himself and survive personal bullshit all while being able to make fun of himself.

That is a cool ass commercial.

Justin Bieber is no Vanilla Ice.

Who honestly would pay money to go watch a show where some 12 year old boy pretends to blow an ex president like its something special? Seriously. Are you so bored from watching porn or Beverly Hillbillies reruns that you decide to purchase a ticket and travel to see this crap.

How much money does a person need to the point where they will continue to embarrass themselves day after day for more millions. I am sure the quality men are just lined up for this whore. Maybe Richie Incognito needs a call.