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Posted on Sep 16th
re: Kanye Is A 'Married, Christian Man,' You Assholes (37 comments)

Is there really a more perfectly matched couple than these two. No amount of money cant buy respect and they are entertainment for us.

I just cant wait until the evidence comes out of the Minaj buttpad on Kim K. I will really be laughing.

If Michael Sam hits his boyfriend in an elevator the same way Rice hit his girlfriend, what is his punishment?

Is it more if he is in a state that legalized gay marriage?

perfection. Nothing else needs to be said.

Posted on Sep 9th
re: Ray Rice Is In 'Good Spirits,' Everybody (19 comments)

I think I need to get rid of of my Beats headphones. I didnt know when he created those and started selling them that he named them after his behavior.

Posted on Sep 9th
re: Ariana Grande Has Demands (47 comments)

Madonna’s daughter sure has lost some weight.

Posted on Sep 9th
re: Janay Rice: 'You Ruined Our Life For Ratings' (121 comments)

I really like her hair. I mean to take that big a whack from her soon to be husband and watch her neck snap sideways and then get crushed again against an elevator wall all without it flying off her head would make Michelle Obama proud.

Who is the hairdresser. They need to get more credit. When she goes to the ESPYs next year for video of the year nominees for best hit by an NFL player and they hit the red carpet, instead of announcing the designer of her dress, they need to call out the hairstylist.

Hes not eligible to be President and is a foreign usurper, The fact you think its because of the color of his skin makes me wonder who the real racist is.

Its all about angry self hating blacks and hypocritical limousine liberal whites slowly gaining control of everything they can using racism and fake compassion for others who they wouldnt let their own children attend school with.

If you think Sterling got railroaded, go check out the Atlanta Hawks owner who just turned himself in to the NBA about an email he wrote with an honest assesment as to why attendance sucked and what needed to be done to fix it. Hes now calling himself a racist and selling his team before being called out on it by real racists such as Obama and Jesse Jackson.

In 25 years this country is South Africa and in 50 its Zimbabwe.

This gold digger begged the nfl not to suspend him. Do you know how much his weekly game check is? Shes likely counting half as hers and decided its worth the risk.

The fact she went on to marry him after this shows she likes herself as much as Ray does.

Posted on Sep 5th
re: Gwyneth Paltrow's Gone Full Jew (25 comments)

Her ego could be used as a missile shield to protect all of Israel from those Hamas rockets .