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Political fights on The Superficial are about the funniest thing I’ll see this morning… too bad it’s too early for popcorn…

Translation: I see Black people…

Yet he somehow managed an historic campaign and innovative get out the vote project that had him elected not once, but twice. Not bad for someone who has no idea what the hell he’s doing…

Cons are funny.

It’s not a political blog, so the topic is pretty much whatever the hell we please… sorry to offend you, dittohead.

We could always throw those turnips at Rush… it’s obvious vegetables scare the shit out of him…

Posted on Oct 15th
re: BREAKING: Amber Rose Has A Butt (16 comments)

Like weed, semen, and herpes no doubt…

Posted on Oct 15th
re: Frenchy Is Subtle And Other News (7 comments)

Donatella Vrsace’s long lost twin is just as hideously unattractive… nope, not even with Kesha’s dick.

Posted on Oct 15th
re: Kesha Sues Dr. Luke For Sexual Assault (24 comments)

Sad story… apparently roofies work better on refrigerators than hotties… if true, the producer should be forced to be penetrated repeatedly with her shlong.

Posted on Sep 29th
re: We Live In A World Where George Clooney Is Married (29 comments)

I suppose he’ll be moving his Rock Hudson picture from the top of his dresser to his underwear drawer…

Posted on Sep 17th
re: Reggie Bush 'Harshly' Disciplines His One-Year-Old (72 comments)

I suppose this is why those who manage to keep their money after their careers end up buying their kids Porsches for their 16th birthdays… guilt.