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Posted on May 15th, 2013
re: Angelina Jolie's Breasts (1995 - 2013) (129 comments)

What Angelina had done is nothing new. It comes down to common sense if you have an 85% chance of getting breast cancer you would have your breast removed also. Most women can’t afford the test to find out if they have that gene it can be costly and insurance doesn’t always cover the cost. Some women don’t even have health insurance. Most women can’t afford the luxury of the down time and cost to have the surgery or the cost of reconstructive surgery. She is by no definition a hero. She is Lucky to have the advantages that others in this world don’t have. As far as hollywood’s superficial stars majority of the women have fake breast anyway her’s are just top notch reconstructed breast I am sure to her specifications. Reconstructive breast surgery is very costly and insurance doesn’t cover the cost. My mom died from breast cancer and after the removal of her breast she was just happy to be alive. She fought to try and get healthy period. Alot of women would remove their breast if they found out they were at high risk but a lot of women don’t have the luxury or taking off time from work and just the cost and down time most women have to worry about getting back to work to support themselves and their children. The cost of a breast reconstruction surgery the one Ms. Jolie had could run starting at 40,000 and up and Insurance does not cover. I worked for a breast reconstruction plastic surgeon and it is costly and tme consurming every time you have a procedure you need time to recover and a lot of money to pay the bill!