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Posted on Dec 4th
re: Chris Rock Unloads On Racism In Hollywood (47 comments)

I like Chris Rock. The more uppity he is, the funnier.

Posted on Jun 19th
re: Heidi Klum & Seal Might Get Back Together (13 comments)

Just goes to show you, brothers like annoying white chicks.

Posted on Jun 12th
re: You Know Nothing, Puff Daddy (8 comments)

Puff Daddy? Isn’t he Puff Lion now? Or Snoop Diddy? Oh well, doesn’t matter. Which of the Kardashians is he banging?

Posted on Jun 10th
re: The Crap We Missed - Tuesday 6.10.14 (6 comments)

I thought Laurence Fishbourne was supposed to do that.

How does he feel about chainsaws?

Posted on Jun 2nd
re: So The Justin Bieber N*gger Video (32 comments)

Considering how many of his hangers on are afraid of chainsaws, he gets a free pass, otherwise the gravy train might end.

Posted on May 14th
re: Shirtless Justin Bieber Riding a Horse (11 comments)

Pull up your pants, asshole. You’re a white kid from Canada.

And most of them, black and white, don’t smack each other around in public. But when they’re famous, black and white, its fun to goof on them. You may have seen that around here from time to time.

And people wonder why Don Sterling doesn’t want them at the game.