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Posted on Dec 17th
re: And Now Here's Lindsay Lohan's Sad Video (24 comments)

All the grace and beauty of a wildebeest desperately trying to escape the maw of a crocodile.

Posted on Dec 15th
re: The Crap We Missed - Monday 12.15.14 (11 comments)

Even the Washington Redskins would be ashamed of this.

Posted on Dec 11th
re: And Now The Time We All Saw Ben Affleck's Dick (18 comments)

I looked and looked, and looked, but I never could make out a decent shot of Affleck’s peen, but his scrotum was big and bold. Wait, I’m sorry, that was Clint Eastwood’s neck.

Posted on Dec 11th
re: Kat Torres Bikini Photos: 138 Water Shoot Malibu (5 comments)

I will NEVER buy this ass wipe water. I will however fap unashamedly to their models.

Posted on Dec 9th
re: Olivia Wilde Bikini Photos: Maui (5 comments)

If this woman truly cared about world peace, she would be wearing a butt floss thong and have both top and bottom becomes opaque when wet.

“Dear Chris,
Having threesomes was never fun for me. Unlike you I never really enjoyed that extra guy.
Yours Truly,

Is she aware that Bruce has bigger tits?

Nothing will cure his pock marked face short of a belt sander and a shitload of 40 grit sandpaper.
The Rogaine is for his male pattern baldness.

D-chi, I’ve read your comments . . . you’re a fat chick, right?

I think Swift is worth a little more than she was worth two weeks ago. Her new album sold 1.25 million copies it’s first week and fell “all the way down” to a half million last week. The word is that she make a mere $20 million on it.

BTW, doesn’t Katy Perry’s ass crack go like half way up her back? I’d rather Swift’s tight little ass any day . . . doing the shocker with her would be an eye opening experience . . . at least for her.