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Randy Cappuccino doesn't actually like coffee, but he does drink a lot of Fresca in his spare time.

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy Is Really Getting Up Inside Peta Murgatroyd’s Ass

“Sir, can you please take this somewhere else? You’re scaring the kids watching you from inside the Playplace.” More »

Comic Con Delivers ‘X-Files’ Trailer as Well

Comic Cons are great for two things: Overpriced photo-ops and big, flashy trailers. More »

The Justice League Movie Still Exists and Has a New Trailer

Hey, if you like fat Batman and crappy CGI – you’ll love this. More »

Video of NFL Coach Blowin’ Coke of The Day

What more can you say, the guy likes to party… More »

Harvey Weinstein Would Like to See You in His Hotel Now…

Ha, just kidding! He’s been fired, and everyone he knows has turned on him. More »

Aaron Carter Has Been Freed from Captivity

Don’t call it a comeback!

Seriously, don’t call it a comeback… More »

“Just Don’t Say Puerto Rico Like That When You do The Speech, Okay?”

“He fucking did it didn’t he? God damn it!” -John Kelly More »

Bella Thorne Striptease Video of the Day

Few people enjoy being topless in front of a room full of men as much as Bella Thorne… Well, I guess strippers do — the really good ones who train for it though, not the sad ones with too many kids. More »

All This Harvey Weinstein Mess Will Go Away Because Money

It’s sad, frustrating, and unfortunately true. This guy’s got enough pull to get out of anything short of murder. More »

Tyrese Needs More Work…

After blowing up on The Rock for delaying that next car movie until 2020, I think it’s time for Tyrese to start looking for a new gig. More »

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