Randy Cappuccino

I'm an adult with a real job who spends his time at work talking about what kind of poop Kim Kardashian makes. My favorite color is green. I have a cat named Vanessa Carlton. My left hand is a little bigger than my right, but only I notice it. I like to play board games, and I enjoy listening to disco music in the shower. I call blueberries "sweet beans" and pistachios "wood clams." I cry before sex. I cry during sex. I cry after- let's just say I cry a lot. If you're interested in going on a date with me and live in the continental United States, please message me on MySpace and we'll chat.

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Danica Patrick is Quitting Racing, What The Hell Are We Gonna Do Now?

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Bill Clinton Kinda Tried to Bang Anna Nicole Smith Once

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Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky Broke Up, If That Does Anything for You

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So That Pixar Guy, EH?!

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Nick Carter is the Worst and Was Accused of Rape (Again…)

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Hot Links Brought to You by Olivia Wilde on a Paddle Board

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