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Posted on Jun 29th, 2010
re: Kelly Brook's Breasts are Still in Swimwear (61 comments)

O… M… G!

Kelly has an AMAZING landing strip that you can clearly see through her tight fitting and well plastered bathing suit that cups every curve and bulge as if she was draped in saranwrap.

Her smile captivates but it’s only a matter of time before the eyes follow each voluptuous curve down from her head to her tiny toes.

Randal gives you a five star ggggrrroooowwwllllll my little honey bee.


Posted on Jun 28th, 2010
re: Kristen Stewart Dyed Her Hair! OMFG! (58 comments)

Kristen Stewart is all that and more!

Like a comet breaking through the atmosphere, Kristen explodes with an uncanny sexuality that even the fake Randal’s can’t deny. Her legs are youthful and ready to swing over any sort of broad shoulders that come her way.

Despite her oozing sex appeal, it’s her eyes that give her away. She loves to wear her heart on her sleeve and romance is just a short skip away for the lucky man who sweeps her off her feet.

Dislike her all you want, Kristen’s got it all. She knows it and flaunts it.


Posted on Jun 28th, 2010
re: Megan Fox is Married (72 comments)

A congratulations is certainly in order!

Megan, you have gone through so many ups and downs not only in your professional career but also in your personal life and it’s great that you’ve taken the time to tame the beast of love.

You stepped it up and made Transformers what it is today and may you continue to find such success with the man who has captured your heart!

To Brian and you, may this be the first step in many more enjoyable steps to come.


Posted on Jun 28th, 2010
re: Kelly Brook's in a Bikini Again (46 comments)

These natural women that grace this earth are always very beautiful and created with that brush of perfection. Kelly Brooks, Kim Kardashian and even Katy Perry have graced these pages of perfection.

Thanks for taking the time to share your pictures with us ladies, we @ The FISH appreciate healthy, natural and beautiful looking women.


Posted on Jun 28th, 2010
re: Lindsay Lohan Leaving a Rave. Of Course. (25 comments)

Lindsay is looking so good in these pictures! Obviously she was dancing a storm on the dance floor due to all the color that is flushing out of her cheeks.

I’m so digging the Lindsay Lohan line of boots you’ve got on girl and the tassels are a nice throwback to the 80′s heavy metal scene.

Dance all night girl because you certainly have all the right moves.


Posted on Jun 28th, 2010
re: Chris Brown's Forgiven, Everybody (113 comments)

Chris, it’s good to see you facing the demons that brought you to this point in your life and you’ve struggled and fought them like a true warrior in the heat of battle.

I’ve got to say, the show was fantastic and ran on an emotional high well after you had sung to the energized crowd. Your music speaks volumes and has broken so many barriers in the industry that you’re saving it, it’s not saving you. Don’t forget that.

Forgiveness is a strength that each and everyone of us should learn to embrace.


Posted on Jun 28th, 2010
re: Kelly Brook in a Bikini is Making Me Cry (14 comments)

There’s something about the summer that always brings out the best in a woman!

Kelly has taken great care with her skin as it glistens in the high noon sun, touching every dark crevasse and leaving no stone unturned. The jumpsuit outfit certainly adds a playful touch to an already beautiful lady.

The cameras love you Kelly and so do your fans!


Posted on Jun 24th, 2010
re: Does It Trip On To Your Penis? (59 comments)

This is some very good marketing by Lady GaGa.

Not only is she a sexual icon for the 21st century but she’s also advertising a line from one of her number one hit singles. Many children girls can be heard singing the line, “I wanna take a ride on your disco stick” as well as the genius pun on “poke-her face”.

This doll has sex appeal, just like the real doll in Lady GaGa.


Posted on Jun 23rd, 2010
re: Lady GaGa Bites It (128 comments)

Lady GaGa really needs to be careful where she steps, especially in those boots that were certainly not made for walking.

You’ve made a rising career from being an amazing musician and dancer, my Lady. Wearing such ridiculous heels and falling the way you did could have seriously twisted your ankle or snapped a bone in your leg.

Perhaps it’s time to think twice about some of the costumes you put on. The last thing any of us want is to find out your tours have been canceled because you lost your step.


Posted on Jun 23rd, 2010
re: 'If It's So Fancy, How Comes They Ain't Gots Starbucks?' (33 comments)

Britney, you are looking great in those short-shorts.

I’m always amazed at how well you’re able to shift yourself to blend in with everyday people during the day and transform yourself into a red carpet godess in the evening.

You’re a favorite who can always hit me baby one more time!