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Posted on Mar 1st, 2011
re: Bree Olson is a Helper (99 comments)

then why don’t you leave this site and go to a porn site instead and whack your little average sized penis off cuz that would probably be way more entertaining for you then staying on this website and complaining.

dude have you ever noticed how Jessica Biel kinda has a horse face??? well i have (she used to be cute about 6 years ago), and maybe she can get past it sometimes with a bit of makeup, but it’s still there. it’s still there.

Posted on Mar 1st, 2011
re: OSCARS: Scarlett Johansson Showed Her Face in Public (38 comments)

hey come on, don’t talk about my wife that way… LOVE you scarlett sweetie

cept Scarlett always does it better…. not saying Jen’s not hot, but all my love goes to Scarlett.

Posted on Mar 1st, 2011
re: 0228-taylor-momsen-satan-shirt-00 (3 comments)

i think she’s getting kinda desperate now…..