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Oh, I was banned. Before that I had been on the site just a few times and over half of my comments never made it through mediation. I discovered I was banned when my comments started disappearing as soon as I clicked on the submit button. You know, on Celebitchy there were some threads under certain subjects that I found appalling (those were the ones where I usually felt the need to comment) but other threads were really quite reasonable and I learned some interesting things. Because I wasn’t a regular I’m not sure if the diametrically opposed threads had the same posters. I think I recognized some of the names on both. Some subjects just bring out the mean, I guess. Anyway, thanks for your response.

I think one can safely say that these two are over (waaaaay over) their extremely selfish, puerile, toxic “fans”. How are genuinely creepy losers who think they own a couple of actors for the price of a movie ticket deserving of respect? Oh, I forgot. We be livin’ in Obamanation now, where the people who work and create must pay the people who sit on their fat asses and leech for the privilege of living in America.

I would just like to add that I am quite grateful for Michael K. and Fish.

Annie dear, this is not Celebitchy. Nobody gives a shit about the circle jerk you do in your own boring, jealous mind. Yeah, I’ve seen your dissertations on that site spitting out your deep “disappointment” in Robert, though I couldn’t comment on them as I’ve been banned. I suppose my previous responses to all of those hypocritical, spiteful, angry celebitches were a little closer to home than all of their “whore/cunt” comments put together because God knows I didn’t break any of the stated rules. I guess I made it a little uncomfortable for “Kaiser” since it’s her fan base and all. But hey, it’s all in good fun, right? I’ll admit, it did make for some hilarious reading, and oh so sad reading too..

Posted on Sep 6th, 2012
re: Vanessa Hudgens Needs Smaller Shorts And
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I think the true test of open-minded tolerance (and bravery) for DC Comics would have been a gay Arab Green Lantern. What do you think Fish?

Posted on Aug 30th, 2012
re: Oh Shut Up, Blossom (126 comments)

Yeah Carla, but back in the day and still in many poor countries it is children who are having the babies, and they are having those babies at the rate the men want them to have them at. When a young girl is capable of becoming pregnant before the rest of her body (or mind, for that matter) has reached the ability to handle it and then continues to bear a child every year from then on with no time to heal… well, those aren’t the best conditions for maternal or infant health. I’m not taking sides. I’m just aware that modern medicine isn’t necessarily the savior of womankind and has in fact had a history of being quite invasive, if not downright degrading and dehumanizing.

Posted on Aug 21st, 2012
re: Quote Of The Day (139 comments)

No stan, the uterus is not part of the world. The uterus is part of the woman. What did I tell you to do in my previous comment? I told you to look at what God gave females and what God gave males, and then I told you to look at what God gave you. It wasn’t a uterus, was it? Does your dick belong to the rest of the world? I am not a liberal and yes, I know all about Margaret Sanger and there is no way in hell you can put me with her just because I happen to believe that a woman who conceives a “child” through rape has every right to get the thing out of her. For her sake and the sake of “the world”.

If you want to call me a eugenicist (and not the rapist, lol. Or you) because of that then fine, but if you really want me to take you seriously then maybe you should talk to a few E.R. doctors and find out exactly how many miscarriages are caused by the foot of someone with a penis. Put a stop to that shit first. Then maybe you should talk to a few abortion clinic counselors to find out that the typical woman who comes into those places is a repeat customer with zero self-esteem and a “boyfriend” who insisted she be there. Put a stop to that shit second. Then maybe you should fly on over to a place like China (where the values of the saintly male god rule) and fling yourself between every abortion doctor and female fetus. After that we can talk.

Posted on Aug 21st, 2012
re: Quote Of The Day (139 comments)

I don’t believe for one minute Romney supports that legislation. He already has a reputation as a flip-flopper on abortion and he was approached in the Virginia Republican Primary by a pro-life group (not the same as the Tea Party) and told to sign a pledge promising he would not change his stated beliefs on this issue if he wanted their vote. He refused. Besides, this type of thing is decided by the individual states. Mississippi voted down an amendment like that just a few months ago. The governor, however, has figured out another way to get the one and only clinic in the state shut down but I don’t know if Mississippians care. Maybe they just didn’t want anybody messing with their birth control or fertility clinics. This situation may be making its way through the courts, though, I don’t know.

Posted on Aug 21st, 2012
re: Quote Of The Day (139 comments)

Well, to tell the truth I just came back from that “Coco poses in NYC” post and all of the comments were pretty funny and not nearly as mean-spirited as I’ve seen they can be here on The Superficial. Actually, I’ve noticed that change a lot lately. Except on the political posts, of course.

Posted on Aug 20th, 2012
re: Quote Of The Day (139 comments)

I would also like to say that I have no problem with the defunding of abortion clinics but narrowing the Hyde Amendment is just so much more moral bullshit. We need the Republicans to stay out of the personal lives of U.S. citizens. We need people to get jobs and start working. We need to stop with the entitlements. Then maybe there will be less time for young women to watch those excellent role models known as the kardashians, less time for young men to google porn all day. They’ll have less time to get ‘accidently’ pregnant and more time to think about their own money and how much they’ll need to raise a child when they’re ready.