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This is another reason why the story is obviously false.

Christine has publicly stated that she has had sex in high school and in college, before she became a Christian.

So she is not a virgin. She would not tell Boy Scout Boy she is a virgin… because she is not, and she has told the entire country she is not a virgin.

Having already admitted publicly, nationally, that she made mistakes in high school and college, and says she had sex even with guys she was not in love with (euphemism for loose sex) before becoming a Christian, she would NOT tell Boy Scout Boy that she is a virgin.

Not only is she NOT, but the entire country knows she is not.

So the story is not true. The writer is probably someone who knows Christine and has had his own fantasies and day dreams about what he WISH were true . It may be that he was actually one of the people at the bar in Halloween costumes — maybe. But the rest of the story is not true.

Christine has already said she is not a virgin. BEFORE she became a Christian, she not only explored different spiritual ideas and religions, but also partied hearty. She has said openly that she slept around BEFORE she became a Christian.

However, what you are referring to is more crap and bullshit.

Christine was very open and public that she was dating her boyfriend and possible fiance Brent Vasher. She was not seeing him “ON THE SIDE.” She went to the Republican Convention May 3, 2008, and presented him as her boyfriend (not from the podium, but in every social interaction at dinner and on the floor).

Where do you get off saying “on the side?” That’s a lie. They were a very public couple.

That does not mean they were having sex.

Brent Vasher as an attorney, I imagine, was trying to help work out a loan modification for his girlfriend, but when he could not succeed, he bought the house.

I believe that Brent will eventually make a profit on the house when housing prices bounce back. He bought it below market value, and he will turn a profit when he chooses to sell it.

Well, obviously, that is true. That does not necessarily have to do with whether any woman likes or dislikes Christine or anything else.

Any woman who goes out with is going to be CERTAIN that he is going to tell other people about their secrets. Maybe just friends. Maybe the newspaper. Maybe HER friends or HER family or HER boss. But somebody.

Also, no women want a man who trashes how they LOOK or speaks nastily about their physical appearance or characteristics. Every woman worries that they are being judged negatively. So a guy who writes in a national audience personal physical details in ridicule is not a man any woman can TRUST and feel comfortable with letting her guard down with him.

You mean you hate people who tell you the truth about God?


Would it be believable even if anonymous did say who he was?

I think it is pretty clear from the details that a real person who knew Christine through her boyrfriend was involved.

The fantasy part is what happened outside of the bar.

A lot of people know Christine and have a crush on her.

The rest is male fantasy.

I might believe it if the story talked about how the man pursued her, and won her over.

I might believe it if the guy was actually going out on HALLOWEEN.

Yeah right, these guys were going to stay home on Halloween. That means they would have trick or treaters coming to their door, right? It was Halloween. None of this makes sense.

And why would Christine need a place to change? Most people wear costumes on Halloween because it is Halloween. They get dressed at home and don’t care who sees them driving from home.

No, some people guess that is who it might be.

Second, Christine denied it today on national radio on Sean Hannity.

During the day yesterday, Christine was busy with back to back appearances and when she was interviewed last night on Sean Hannity on Fox News at 8 PM she still did not know about it. So her campaign would not have time to sit down and ask her whether to deny it or not.

Again, that’s not what the article says. The point is that the article as written does not make sense.

I think you’re missing the point that the story is not true.

That’s not what the article says. The writer says that HE lost interest.

It is the contradictions and nonsense in the article that we are discussing