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Posted on Dec 4th
re: 'We Are Not Living In A Post-Racial Society' (124 comments)

The police have said that they have no evidence of racial motivation on the part of the 2 blacks and 1 hispanic currently under arrest. Don’t you trust the poilce? Also, the police do not decide whether or not the defendants will be charged with a hate crime – the prosecution does. Don’t you trust the prosecution? And the charges will be tested by a grand jury. Don’t you trust the grand jury?
Your false parallel is so transparent, it’s silly. If the grand jury does not indict, or the perps are found innocent by a jury of mostly black people, come back to us. In the meantime, you’re just trolling – poorly.

Posted on Dec 4th
re: 'We Are Not Living In A Post-Racial Society' (124 comments)

Why do you want white christians to move? They’re just trying to celebrate Christmas, for christs sake.

Posted on Dec 4th
re: 'We Are Not Living In A Post-Racial Society' (124 comments)

The EvilDead, reading comprehension is not your strong suit. Of course, neither is statistical analysis. My statement was “~83% of white homicide victims were murdered by whites.”

Your comprehension and/or analytical flaws are as follows:
- Your link is to arrests, NOT convictions, so the race of the actual perpetrator must be considered unknown.
- The race listed is only for the arrested party – no information whatsoever is supplied for the race of the victim.
- Your assertion that my comment is “a fucking lie” is extremely prejudicial and demonstrates a fundamental flaw in your logic. Since the data you supplied does not directly address my point, there are many ways to correlate both the data you supplied and my assertion. As an example, blacks could be arrested more frequently for crimes for which they are not convicted (maybe false arrest- maybe they are just sneaky that way – your prejudicial mileage may vary). OR maybe more black deaths go unsolved. OR maybe blacks are more likely to be murdered. You would have to have data which includes both the perpetrator and the victim of a crime in order to refute my assertion.
- Which brings me to your most egregious error: utter laziness and/or ineptitude. You see, the FBI site you supplied actually has the precise 2013 data pertaining to my assertion, which you either did not locate, could not locate, or chose to not include (omission being tantamount to a lie):

Since percentages are not calculated on this page (and your statistical abilities are already in question), I’ll get my handy calculator out and…
Lo and behold! The % of whites murdered by whites is 83.494%
Now that seems like approximately 83% to me, but if I must apologize for a 0.494% error, so be it.

FACTS – the enemy of TheEvilDead.

Posted on Dec 4th
re: 'We Are Not Living In A Post-Racial Society' (124 comments)

I’m so glad that you discern differences between the Ferguson and NY cases. Apparently, you do not approach these cases with any prejudicial biases. I mean, other than the screaming Jews and ghetto-trash darkies, of course. (sigh)
However, I am a tad confused. Precisely what actions do you believe Stewart should take to “go fight for what you think is right”? Should he illegally rampage in the street? Should he take to arms in an illegal insurection?
Or perhaps (just perhaps, now), maybe he could protest in some legal and productive manner, like (perhaps) using his constitutionally protected right of free speech in a manner which legally incites public outrage in order to effect change through legal constitutionally-defined methods. Perhaps like he is doing now?
Or perhaps you have no suggestions for Stewart at all, because you have no point. And perhaps (just perhaps, now) you are only upset because his voice resonates with far more people than yours ever will, and because you are angered by the fact that his platform is international, while yours is restricted to the comment section of a celebrity blog; and even there, your audience largely believes you to be an idiot.
Just perhaps.

Posted on Dec 4th
re: 'We Are Not Living In A Post-Racial Society' (124 comments)

I’m still waiting for white people to give a damn about white-on-white violence. FBI stats show ~83% of white homicide victims were murdered by whites. What the hell is wrong with white people? You can’t keep blaming blacks just because 100 years ago you owned them. That’s ancient history and blacks don’t owe you anything just because Lincoln took your property. Admit you have a violence problem and deal with it.

Posted on Dec 2nd
re: Stephen Hawking Wants To Be A Bond Villain (22 comments)

In all seriousness, if they lay off the camp and work a backstory, Hawking could be the greatest Bond villain ever.

Posted on Dec 1st
re: Madonna Poses Topless For 'Interview' (39 comments)

She’s going for that ‘Cosby spiked my Geritol’ look.

Posted on Dec 1st
re: Scott Stapp Is Out of His Goddamn Mind (35 comments)

Well, just like that preacher, Jesus lived his life in a cheap motel on the edge of route 66; he lived a dark and twisted life, and then came right back just to do it again. At least according to Rob Zombie, who was raised in a carnival, wears caked on mud makeup, and wrote and directed House of 1000 Corpses. Still, when it comes to religion, I trust Rob Zombie more than Scott Stapp.

No – he was immune to sexual assault because he had security on the other side of a curtain 5 feet away from him.

Adam West: “To the batchair!”