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Posted on Mar 15th
re: On Paul Walker And Driving Like A Shithead (238 comments)

Maria what makes them top line assholes, was it what they said
about plowing into innocent children, or the fact that the character
Paul Walker portraits in the movies does influence other young
people movie or not. Because I know you are smart enough to
know new immature drivers tend to be more influenced in things such as this. Young people in general are influenced
a lot easier, it’s the nature of the best. There is a reason why the
insurance rates and stats are what they are. But in either case,
the comments of the individuals you have a problem with are
true, weather you like it or not. May I add it’s even more amplified
by the fact that Paul Walker dove like that off the set as well
as befriended people who did. I think what we have here is
that you are bias because Paul Walker was a good looker
and you being a “Maria”, well I think you get where I’m going.
And if that’s the case the validity of you opinion is in question,
as well as you selfishness. In my book, the safety of innocent
children and pedestrians is more important then your
admiration for a movie star, or the desire of an individual
to drive like an ass. One more question Maria, do you
have any kids?, I wonder. Have a nice day.