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Posted on Jun 27th, 2010
re: 0621-miley-cyrus-vagina-21 (106 comments)

Most of you are pervs. Seriously. Yes, she chose the wrong bottoms to wear. But she is ONLY 17. Most girls dont think about things like that, esp. right before a big show. You people talking about her being “tight” make me want to puke. Dude she is underage. And even if she wasnt, its still sick. Go look up porn if you want that crap. Miley is going to be whoever she wants to be, and dress however she’d lke, that doesnt make her a whore. I’ve seen “good christian” girls dress worse then this, and a hell of alot younger. Go to L.A. you’ll see it all. You only make a fuss because shes famous. Get over yourselves