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Posted on Nov 18th
re: Jose Canseco Selling Gun That Shot His Finger Off (19 comments)

Twitter: providing a method for me to hate “celebrities” because of the stupid shit they spout. Thanks.

Posted on Nov 18th
re: Jose Canseco Selling Gun That Shot His Finger Off (19 comments)

shut. the fuck. up.

Fck you btch, I do what I want!

Fcking. crazy. Delusional, sure, but fcking. crazy.

That “apology” is fantastic; it is a literal example of “I’m sorry you were offended when I…” Please keep giving me attention and market exposure you guys! I need money for more heroin.

Posted on Nov 3rd
re: Lena Dunham Didn't Molest Her Sister, STFU (87 comments)

Curiosity and perversion are two different things – she’s not a good person and no amount of defending will change that. Love the hypocrisy of trying to act like he’s somehow better and above, yet literally pulls the same shallow, transparent self-serving bullsh1t. Bravo.

My two cents: The thing that seems to have happened is that a sandbox is now reachable to nearly any moron w/ a cellphone, where as in the past you had to actually have a vocal platform with an actual audience (church, the courthouse, a peer group, screaming at people at the street corner), where previously this name calling stuff either wouldn’t happen out of public shame, or the person would simply be ignored. And doesn’t it seem that many of those that are the most vocal on social media platforms (such as Twitter, Facebook, et al) are typically the most rabid, uneducated, and empty, as far as actually carrying a conversation or spreading education and truly wanting a dialogue? These types are so stupid, they actually think just posting something (and evidently, the more often copy/pasting the same drivel) actually makes a difference somehow.

The Internet: Gotta love it that everyone has an equal voice, but you gotta hate it because everyone has an equal voice.

Posted on Oct 23rd
re: North West Will Have To Work For What She Wants (14 comments)

Will most likely work far less than Will Smith’s

Posted on Oct 14th
re: Shia LaBeouf's Drunk Butt-Touching Days Are Over (10 comments)

Jimmy is the biggest asshole kisser ever, but even here he was obviously uncomfortable/not into it. That says a lot.