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Nice to see Lindsay Lohan is getting her shit toge…
Oh. Nevermind.

Posted on Jul 11th
re: Ashley Benson Topless Photos (3 comments)

You want me to look?
Fine. I’ll look.
Still looking.
Still looking…

Bieber had the most unfortunate task… informing his yacht-mates that this voyage would have to continue without their most precious resource.

After traditional maritime distress calls came up fruitless, the passengers had little left to rely on but iPhones and their indomitable spirits.

The distress texts read:

Posted on Jun 20th
re: The Crap We Missed - Friday 6.20.14 (25 comments)


The girl who played Kimmy Gibbler was only two years younger than Alanis. And she got pretty cute in her later years.

I’d say Uncle Joey is a visionary.


I’d hit it.

What I like best about Kim Kardashian is her ability to make me miss Paris Hilton.

Between the kid and variety of hoagie she takes on, if she flashed it, the health inspector would slap a “D” on it and order it condemned.

Posted on Apr 30th
re: Rihanna Naked Photo Shoot For 'LUI' Magazine (3 comments)

Probably the same fuckwad who told them that tattoos are sexy.