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They seriously need to make a new movie about this whole giant clusterfuck fiasco. Have the real Kim Jong Un getting upset over the fake Kim Jong Un portrayed by the actor in the movie. Have lookalikes play Rogen and Franco. They could write in a bunch of shit about Chinese Triads, Japanese Yakuza, Jewish Mafia, even the Bloods and Crips. Hey I can I dream can’t I.

Posted on Dec 17th
re: Michelle Lewin Bikini Photos: Miami (11 comments)

“Michelle Lewin, she works hard on her ass so that you don’t have to.”

Posted on Dec 16th
re: The Crap We Missed - Tuesday 12.16.14 (22 comments)

When a baby first discovers his or her tongue, points at it and then sticks it out and laughs, that is adorable. When 4 or 5 puppies play-wrestle in the backyard, that is just too cute. When a child learns to ride their bike for the first time, and their smile and laughter overwhelms your heart, that is beautiful. When this bitch does her yoga poses, and posts them online like it’s the greatness thing ever, I just want to punch her in the cunt.

Posted on Dec 16th
re: The Crap We Missed - Tuesday 12.16.14 (14 comments)

She’s either got a ptosis or she fucked up her attaching her false eyelashes.

Posted on Dec 16th
re: Camille Cosby Just Went Full Dottie Sandusky (59 comments)

Haha, Fish could care less about the grammar police. Actually, he could NOT care less.

Posted on Dec 10th
re: The Crap We Missed - Wednesday 12.10.14 (11 comments)

… there are many like him, but this one is mine.

“Minimally Talented Spoiled Brat” could describe virtually every young Hollywood star these days, male or female.

This fucker is Armenian. The Kardashians are Armenian. Are we deporting the wrong people? Just saying.

Posted on Dec 10th
re: Mark Walhberg Wants To Be A Cop. In Real Life. (28 comments)

Where was the outrage among the media elites on this? What if he had blinded a black or latino or jewish man? Or is it “just some Vietnamese guy” so who really gives a fuck? Marky Mark is 43 now, so that means this crime was done about 26 or 27 years ago. Basically, not a peep from any major news org regarding this for almost 3 decades. He has not shown true remorse to the victim. He is ONLY remorseful because he cannot further his business empire. Fuck Marky Mark. Fuck him through his Calvin Klein underwear. And fuck the Funky Bunch while you’re at it.

Posted on Dec 1st
re: Ray Rice Can Play Football Again (55 comments)

I play FF for shits and giggles. The players points are accumulated in real-time. If the player is on a bye week or the coach sits him due to injury or whatever, he will gain no points. There’s also the tactic of acquiring him SOLELY to keep others from having him and thus keeping your opponents from gaining any points.