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Posted on Sep 29th
re: Kelly Brook's Single Again (19 comments)

Doncha mean consciously uncoupled? Or in her case, consciously un-mandingo’ed.

Posted on Sep 29th
re: George Clooney's Venice Wedding (5 comments)

He’ll just whip out the “Massey Prenup.” BUT, his new wife does look a lot smarter than he.

See “Kilometers” Teller? (Thanks Honest Trailers). This is how you do it. You use your fame and fortune to bang as many nameless hotties as possible. Then you thank your lucky stars and STFU.

After he’s banked his millions from this stupid franchise, he’s gonna start showing up at red carpet events with a bag over his head that says “I’m Not Famous Anymore.” (Not that he’s famous now. Who the fuck is this guy?)

Edit: He’s the new Mr. Fantastic??? Oh yes, he’s waaaaaay more distinguished than Ioan Gruffudd.

Posted on Sep 25th
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 9.25.14 (18 comments)

“You need people like me. So you can point your fucking fingers and say ‘that’s the bad guy.’ So say good night to the bad guy.”

On a tangent here, but when the fuck is the NFL going to lose its “nonprofit” status and when are these goddamn owners gonna stop using taxpayer money to build their giant, overpriced luxury stadiums.

Posted on Sep 19th
re: And Now Courtney Stodden's Breasts (24 comments)

Like cantaloupes stuffed inside basketballs stuffed in a riddle wrapped in an enigma inside her chest. Still somehow mustered the will to click through all the pictures.

Posted on Sep 19th
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 9.18.14 (24 comments)

Only one mayor anyone knows in America… Rob Ford.

Anyone wanna start an office pool on the next running back to be outed? My fantasy team is for total shit now that my RB1 Jamaal Charles is injured. I need to recoup my $50 entry fee.

Posted on Sep 17th
re: Reggie Bush 'Harshly' Disciplines His One-Year-Old (72 comments)

Your witticisms are making my laugh and smile lines worse. Now that makes you a goddamn abuser!