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Posted on Aug 28th
re: And Now Jon Stewart Going Off On Ferguson (79 comments)

Seriously. This. Years ago when I was a patrolman my PD had a dog that was barely under control, and subject to randomly attacking citizens. It was so unsafe half our shift went to see the Chief, and asked that they ‘retire’ the dog before it hurt a citizen. Chief said nope, dog stays on the street, since it cost the department so much money to buy and train.

Posted on Aug 22nd
re: Kirk Cameron's Talking Again (63 comments)

‘Sup, Kirk Cameron? Oliver Cromwell here; ya know I used to be Lord Protector of England. Kind of a big deal when it comes to religious zealotry. In fact, I canceled Christmas (ain’t in the Bible, yo!).
Anywho, as I once famously said “Who can love to walk in the dark? But Providence doth often so dispose.” In other words: lighten up, Mike Seaver.

Huh, I’d never guess Courtney Stodden was a follower of Jaques Derridas. Ya know, with the relative meaning of words and stuff.

Posted on Aug 12th
re: There's A $10,000 Reward For This Douche (89 comments)

Huh, his twitter is “WarMachine170.” Who’d think there were 169 other War Machines.