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Posted on Jul 7th, 2010
re: Lindsay's 'F-ck U' Could Land Her in Contempt of Court (67 comments)

I’ve had a DUI, it sucks but it isn”t an impossible situation given that it is the second most common driving infraction a person can get (first being speeding). I never had more than a parking tickit before that but it’s a big deal if you don’t take care of it. Unless your life is really that big of a mess it’s not that hard to take care of; you can even get away with a little stuff if you make your appointments and pass your UAs (I never ended up getting UAed but was prepared at the right times). Her actions are causing so much extra scrutiny and being famous isn’t helping. Even if she gets out of this without much time she’s gotta chill out because there will eventually come a time where she’ll get the book thrown at her (for real) or end up dead. I hope she pulls through, I really feel for people in trouble but taking responsability is more than saying the words. The fingernails, I think are a show of immaturity or really being too messed up to notice; either way fairly inconsequencial. Just my 10 cents on it……….