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Posted on Nov 12th, 2011
re: mariah-yeater-photos-1102-11 (33 comments)

It makes no sence at all to try and Defame this young Lady. It’s taken a lot of guts or just plain DUMB to come out with her claimes on the Babies Father. First this pathedic kid , Bieber is far away from the squeeky “Teen Kid” his people try to make out to be! Gee how many Countries and counting has He “Justin Bieber” been Kicked out of and NOT aloud to return! And the girl can still be charged with “RAPE” and or “SEX” with a minor. for here part to this Soap opera. The DNA will end this once and for all (Test for whom the real father is). And this young lady’s photo’s are now different the any other TEEN or YOUNG adult on Face Book!