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Drunk girls don’t cause rape. Rapists cause rape!

What if they used a plank of wood?? They didn’t use their penises, so it’s not THAT bad? Give me a fucking break! They filmed themselves violating her!

You were raped when you were “forced” to do things.

Maybe you shouldn’t become so drunk!? Alcoholism is a disease. Maybe you shouldn’t have mental illness, depression, etc.

Maybe you’re not always 100% in control.

Maybe you think you live in a compassionate, loving society.

Maybe you had “friends” at the party you got so obliterated at, and “knew” someone was going to help you if you needed it…

They are kids, but not stupid in the intellectual sense, stupid in that they thought they would get away with it! What person in their right mind would 1 – do such a thing, 2-record evidence, 3-announce it to the world?

Agreed, USA has problems, but…WTF is up with India? Not prosecuting rapists and setting people on fire?

Drinking. Impaired judgement. Human beings make mistakes. This is only in answer to your question, Ivesky. I think these two … I don’t know what I want to call them…fucking scumbags? No, I have aquaintances that are scumbags and THEY don’t rape…whatever – these two don’t deserve any more acknowledgement than the undefinable substance in my gutter…off track, sorry, but I’m a fucking pissed off Mother! They “got off” lightly with their sentence, and hope they never forget what their fucked-upness caused for the rest of their lives.

omg! my dadbought me one of those at one of his flea markets! along with a $5 microscope…

ill-fitting top. one would think for being almost 30, better judgement would prevail.

even if i loved it, wouldn’t touch it. best to be one of those early/late encounters. just keep the lights off…