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no, he deserves the monkey, but he left it in Germany….

damn, I knew I should have got stocks in Valtrex…

maybe she’s just using him so he can do a soundtrack for a navel gazing, self important, feel good, Oscar wanking movie she will be in….

Posted on Aug 14th
re: Ariana Grande Has Rocket Titties Now (32 comments)

listening to this ‘music’, one could imagine what goes through a dog’s mind when firecrackers go off….

Posted on Aug 14th
re: Whoever's Robbing The Kardashians, Don't Stop (20 comments)

the Kardashians are like a steaming bowl of shit with whipped cream on top…

well, Tom does look like a lesbian…

you compose sentence very well for someone with Downs Syndrome….

now go back to your favorite web site, Two Girls, One Cup….

commenting on Rush is like commenting on a fart…yes, it’s loud, and mostly stinks, but why dwell on it….

no amount of water can wash away the skankiness of it all….wonder when she will be on Dancing with the Stars….