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Posted on Nov 28th
re: 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Has A Trailer (37 comments)

If it has no Jar Jar, it already is 50% better than the prequel shite…however if JJ puts those goddamn flares in the movie…..back to square one…you can spray paint a turd and you still know its a turd but at least you can still get high on the fumes….

Posted on Oct 30th
re: Mama June: 'The Truth Will Come Out On My Side' (32 comments)

the army should use Mama to clear IED’s off the road in middle east shit holes….just have her waddle in front of the vehicles….

Alanna, you say your Boo Boo hurts? Let mama buy you a bucket of fried chicken and make it all better now….

no, he deserves the monkey, but he left it in Germany….

damn, I knew I should have got stocks in Valtrex…

maybe she’s just using him so he can do a soundtrack for a navel gazing, self important, feel good, Oscar wanking movie she will be in….

Posted on Aug 14th
re: Ariana Grande Has Rocket Titties Now (32 comments)

listening to this ‘music’, one could imagine what goes through a dog’s mind when firecrackers go off….

Posted on Aug 14th
re: Whoever's Robbing The Kardashians, Don't Stop (20 comments)

the Kardashians are like a steaming bowl of shit with whipped cream on top…

well, Tom does look like a lesbian…

you compose sentence very well for someone with Downs Syndrome….