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Posted on Apr 9th
re: Julia Louis-Dreyfus Naked Rolling Stone Cover (26 comments)

Nick Cage/Andy Samberg: Woooah….I’m going to steal the Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Posted on Apr 9th
re: It's Minnie Driver In A Bikini (25 comments)

I’m trying to be a gentleman and say “yeah, I’d let her do me”…but I just can’t.

“Hey Lindsay, show us how you cup the balls.”

Posted on Mar 26th
re: Bradley Cooper Might Be The New Indiana Jones (22 comments)

I’m pretty sure Tom Selleck wouldn’t say no. Fool me once and that whole thing. Rick and TC are available. Cooper could be the talking Ferrari that says “oh no you di’nt” a bunch and is constantly on Twitter (with an R2-D2 license plate).

TC: Indy, when are you going to pay me for the gas you used in my chopper?
Indy: As soon as I recover [insert topical archaeological artifact] I’ll have enough.
Rick: Hey, you said you’d pay your bar tab first!
Ferarri: OH NO YOU DI’NT!!!

Queue John Williams and roll credits.

Posted on Mar 6th
re: It's The Justin Bieber Peeing Video (37 comments)

Obviously CGI. No one has a black box that big.

Posted on Feb 14th
re: Kendall Jenner Nipples (22 comments)

No eyebrows is the new black.