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Posted on Feb 24th
re: Dammit, We Lost Egon (1944 - 2014) (41 comments)

So sad. RIP. You have provided laughter for me through some dark days.

It’s always positive to see something good from the entertainment community. I’m sure that anyone with two functioning brain cells would feel terrible about this Holmes douchenozzle shooting people who see his movies.

Well done, Mr. Bale.

Katie should get at least half of whatever the midge made during their marriage? Unless Tom is a homicidal maniac he will still get visitation rights to Suri — and Katie’s lawyers can ask for a freakishly painful amount of child support for the little munchkin. She didn’t work much during their marriage, and Tom can pay til it hurts.

And Dave Grohl is a happily married man with two adorable kids, a great career, a great life. I’m sure he suffered thru Cobain’s chicken-shit suicide (or murder, depending on your view) as much as anyone else. He just had his head on straight and didn’t destroy his life with drugs.

Most chicks would be happy to have a conversation with the man.

and no court would convict you!