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A video? Awesome. I hear the internet has some great videos of Bigfoot, alien autopsies and Britney Spears’ “singing” as well.

All true ah tells’ ya. All true. Moses told me.

You can move to Russia where you can join Vladdie in licking George Booosh’s dirty ass.

ER MAH IMAGINARY MAKE BELIEVE PRETEND GOD. You’re leaving, Mr. one person on the internet? How ever will society go on?

Conservative shitbags sure do love em’ some Hitler these days. Go to any fucked in the skull conservative website – 80% Hitler quotes. It seems Hitler has become the right’s new Jesus.

Pound sand, Jesus, You’re services are no longer needed in today’s conservative party.


But Jesus openly wept when he saw others in pain, and cried at death. Boy, Jesus sounds like a real pussy.

Wait three more days and that book will have a big ol’ 80% off sticker across every copy. Then it’ll be placed on the $1.99 table. Which is still $1.98 more than it’s worth.

Think about Barry’s big cock a lot ,do ya? Well, now we know what you’re asking Santa for, don’t we?

Posted on Dec 23rd, 2013
re: What Duck Dynasty Says About America (185 comments)

What was that, Ted Cruz? We were too busy laughing at the $$$ this site earns from your visits.

So, Ted, how are things in your birth country? Gay marriage is legal I see. Healthcare for the poor at no cost to them? Seems to work fine. Gun laws being followed and respected? Check. English is not the #1 official language where you’re from? Get outa here. Minorities making up the majority of the country’s population? Not hearing any complaints. 30% of your birth countries citizenry are Christian compared to America’s 80%? How ’bout that? Even it’s conservatives in government have no use for religion I hear. Shocking!

I wonder if Fox news is aware of all this – Ted. Better be careful or you’ll get Chris Christied.

Ted Cruz – a REAL uh…conservative? Don’t forget – Sarah Palin’s Xmas book will be marked down 80% this weekend.

Dog Bless us. Every one.

I’ve been seeing this all day from conservatives: “Miley Cyrus, Lindsey (sic) Lohan and Justin Bieber are all freaks. What a sad state this country is in.”

Well…Mr. conservative…can I call you Mr. conservative? Mr. Conservative, let me enlighten you on a few points:

1. Miley Cyrus (and her parents) are actually registered conservatives.

2. Lindsay actually (spelled that correctly for ya) voted for Mitt Romney last election.

3. Justin Bieber has literally 1/2 his scrawny body covered in Jesus tattoos and blathers on about Jesus more often than pat Robertson masturbating over a crucifixion display on Easter morning.

4. BENGHAZI!!!!!!!!

Posted on Nov 19th, 2013
re: George Zimmerman's Guns Just Got Taken Away (108 comments)

You forgot Steven Spielberg.

Glad I could help you out.