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Posted on Jan 7th, 2011
re: Kate Gosselin Earned 'The Right' To This Body (74 comments)

Who cares if it’s “shopped”? If she wanted it or needed it doesn’t matter, she got it and I say good for her! I’m not a Kate maniac by no means but I am in favor of ‘any’ mother that gets what she wants and needs, whether 1 or 6 kids! After all the worry, caring, nuturing, rocking or walking a baby all night long because “you don’t know what’s wrong with it”, and awake ALL NIGHT just to make sure your baby is breathing alright, who wouldn’t deserve what they want or need. I’m sure they didn’t plan on that many kids at one time, but they did and they did it well….however their lives have to be handled, it’s being handled. My hat is off to any parents that have children and try to raise them right. Easier said than done, my friend. Wouldn’t mind having a body like hers myself! But, not sure I’d be willing to go through what she did to deserve it either!