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well being hollywood big shots are two-faced, racist assholes is not illegal but it’s good to have proofs of their true colours

he could fuck 100 women in front of me I’d still know that he’s a solid closet case. mama’s boys always are…

I’m starting to feel bad for him.

Posted on Nov 21st
re: Good Morning, Alexandra Eriksson, And Other News (7 comments)

I know y’all think “fappening” jokes are funny and fair game but implying that Donald Sutherland checked the stolen nudes from a colleague he respects is kinda sick

Posted on Oct 27th
re: Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin Stopped F*cking (13 comments)

I can only add that MartinLawrence will remain forever my favourite mashup celebrity couple’s name.
Did that couple ever make sense? No. But a great mashup name goes a long way…

Posted on Jul 12th
re: Kim Kardashian's Marriage Is Already Falling Apart (39 comments)

“After graduating from West Aurora High School, West received a scholarship to attend Chicago’s American Academy of Art in 1997 and began taking painting classes, but shortly after transferred to Chicago State University to major in English.” Say what you will about Kanye, but I think he has an actual interest in visiting museums. He says problematic shit often but: the dude likes art.

Posted on Jul 9th
re: Those Are Ana Braga's Nipples And Other News (7 comments)

If you HAD to post something Jennifer Lawrence-related, how could you miss the holy grail/world cup/superbowl of sideboob shot, from yesterday?! I expected more from you…

Superficial dear knows weirdly a lot about Canada… I shall investigate.
ps: no Jennifer… how could you? why? how?

Posted on Feb 13th
re: Just A Reminder: Bill Cosby Is Awful (30 comments)

I love that the worst thing a woman can do when she becomes famous is become a diva and that can be the worst thing ever (not counting growing old or gaining weight), but successful men can be rapists and damn, just watch teams of lawyers and producers fall from the sky to shut down these stories.

I have yet to see the connection between having a pedo brother and being a bad person. That being said, I really am no fan of Mia Farrow. She’s always weirded me out and, born-agains tend to annoy the shit out of me. Being a born-again humanitarian (or Christian, or Muslim, or vegan?) where you hold the truth and everybody is lazy and selfish for not going to Africa and help unfortunate people there is being elitist at best.

YET, no matter the shit Mia Farrow has done in her life, I HOPE TO FUCKING GOD a pissed, cheated-on woman is not absolutely fucking evil enough to introduce HER 7 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER to the concept of sexual abuse because she’s been dumped for a younger chick?!?! Like, Mommy is pissed and hurt, maybe. WHO THE FUCK TELLS HER DAUGHTER ABOUT FINGER-FUCKING and puts her through invasive psychological, legal and medical examinations to get back at an ex?!

given how much they were ready to pay him, can you imagine how of a mess this project is that he actually changed his mind after being cast?