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Or coke-caine

His name is Psy, there’s no “te” and he’s got a new cool song out called Gangnam Style. Wait til you see it! It’s hilarious and he does this funny horsey dance…you just gotta see it…

Posted on May 4th, 2013
re: Jenny McCarthy's House Is Full Of Tween Boners (22 comments)

I get the horrendous feeling she’s trying to be “Cool Mom”. She probably has framed posters of her Playboy & Maxim shoots all over the house and laughs when her sons’ friends stare at them. Gross. There is just about nothing worse to a t(w)een than a “Cool Mom”. Stop it, Jenny. Think of your boy and just give custody to Jim Carrey.

For those defending Reese walking up to the cop after being told to stay seated in the car… What part of “Stay seated in the car” do you not understand? I don’t care if she was going to tell him his ass was on fire, she disobeyed a direct and lawful order from the police. Cops have to deal with completely unknown and often dangerous ppl every day and they have to take control of every situation before something bad happens, and that means enforcing their directives regardless of how “nicely” they are disobeyed. Sheesh. Maybe America SHOULD have forced military svc like Israel so ppl will know how to obey lawful commands and not go all Dog Day Afternoon over a simple instruction like, sit yo’ ass in tha car!

Oh, and love how Laura Jean Poon (born name) excused her behavior by claiming she has played so many lawyers in the movies, she must’ve felt like one

Posted on May 4th, 2013
re: This Baby's Already Costing Kim Kardashian Money (25 comments)

Still lol-ing over “had to return the MONSTROUS MERMAID COSTUME” that Kim wore for the Midori ad…

Oh, and wouldn’t it be sweet poetic justice if the baby wasn’t Kanyes’s? “Eighteen years, eighteen years, and on its eighteenth birthday found out it wasn’t his…”? That right there is worth living another 18 yrs just to see, all my suicidal friends…

This is the wrong story, PB. This pic goes with the story that the 3rd true Kardashian female has been found and dragged into captivity. Remember, Khloe doesn’t count anymore since she’s a bastage.

YES, exactly!
–where are the buttons??

She is BEGGING for someone to tell her, “NO!”
Where is her father? He’s probably too busy cashing her checks & trying to be her friend. This girl’s been left to fend for herself too long & she obviously does not know how to do life. Someone said child stars stop growing emotionally at the age they become famous and Amanda is exhibit A.