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Posted on Jul 21st
re: Casey Kasem's Body Is Missing Now (14 comments)

And now, from Jean to Casey, here’s your long distance desecration.

Posted on Jul 10th
re: ALL HAIL #BBARE THE #TEFLONG #DONG (12 comments)

Massengill may sue for copyright infringement.

I wasn’t into comics as a kid and only recently learned a lot about the characters from playing the two extraordinary Batman video games, but nothing I have encountered would explain why Superman would be feeling up a drunken Batman on a rooftop. Not even Scarecrow messed with his head to that degree.,

Posted on Jul 1st
re: Bryan Singer's Directing 'X-Men: Apocalypse' (15 comments)

Every time I see his eyes I feel like an Amber Alert has been triggered.

Or maybe a little person who does ten pushups per day.

Posted on Jun 26th
re: Gary Oldman's Still Apologizing (28 comments)

Thing is, were Baldwin to be made aware of whatever the fully- functional gay slur of the modern day might be, he would more than likely adopt it.

Posted on Jun 25th
re: Gary Oldman Is Sorry, Jews (50 comments)

Absolutely nothing he said is any different than the things I have heard from every European Liberal/Leftist friend I have ever had. And yeah, I mean all of them. Open antisemitism is a casual, accepted thing amongst certain people from certain places. When he said, “We’ve all said it” (paraphrased), he was just being honest, which is equal parts sad and respectable.

Posted on Jun 24th
re: Harrison Ford Basically Destroyed 'Episode VII' (26 comments)

Bad week for the Solo clan.

Posted on Jun 17th
re: That's Lindsay Lohan Scratching Her Vagina (12 comments)

Thing from the Addams Family needs to get a new agent pronto.

Posted on Jun 16th
re: The Crap We Missed - Monday 6.16.14 (21 comments)

“We’re not gonna make it…”