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Posted on Jul 15th
re: Hilary Duff Bikini Photos: Malibu (5 comments)

More like Hilary Buff.

Why would they make a sex toy that resembles Michael jacksons nose? And, if it´s an “exact replica” of her vagina, why is it not the size of a sleeping bag?

Posted on Jul 15th
re: Farrah Abraham Sex Toy Release Party (16 comments)

That “sex toy” looks more like one of those silicone shot gun wounds you can buy for halloween.

How did her boobs just ooze out of the bottom of that top? I mean, real boobs are certainly versatile, but they arent made of slime.
Or was that top just crazy lose? That´s the strangest wardobe malfunction I´ve ever seen o.0

Posted on May 28th
re: Let's Talk About Jessica Simpson's Instagram (16 comments)

evalina2004, if you want serious gut wrenching news, go to CNN or Fox news. com etc, but for gods sake let the rest of us enjoy this place for what it is.
If I wanted to debate death, poverty and politics, I know where to go, but it just so happens that those of us who visit this site actually do so because we don´t fucking want to!
This is called The superficial – get over yourself and take your feminism and your sermons elsewhere.

Posted on May 28th
re: Jessica Simpson Instagram Photos (3 comments)

Ke$ha is looking rough again!

Actually, I think even Jenny would be appauled at this…

Posted on May 13th
re: Subtlety, Y'All, How Does It Work? (20 comments)

She is just a couple more songs away from actually having live lesbian sex on stage…

Are we sure this is actually Miley cirus and not her porn star lookalike, Miley may?? Is there a difference at this point?

Posted on May 12th
re: Mariah Carey Posed For Uncle Terry With Her Kids (12 comments)

Nope, it looks like he gave her a REAL pearl literally.
Even ugly ass middle aged perverts have standards, who knew?

Posted on May 12th
re: Mariah Carey Posing For Terry Richardson (7 comments)

Should Mariah be offended that he literally gave her a pearl necklace instead of ejaculating all over her face?