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Katy is a very beautiful young woman. On the other hand Russell looks worse than the Big bad wolf that ate Grandma and tried to get Little Red Riding Hood too. YUCK ! Scares the hell out of me. Someone who goes after him will be going after the money he’ll take Katy for in this divorce!

He’s scary looking and I sure wouldn’t have ever been with him in the first place. Poor Katy must have really fell hard for him. I’m glad she finally came to her senses.

Yes alot of peeps do get this and don’t find it a bit funny. the guy isn’t a bit funny in the video. NEXT !

You have that soooo right.

I’m sure he’ll love that.

Katy clearly can handle anything ! Just look at whom she married. But I do fill sorry for her that she fell in love with such a sexual addicted pervert.She was tired of trying to please his perverted sexual fantasies all the time. Who can blame her … beside you that is.Or who knows you may either be jealous that Katy was with Russell or you may be like him.