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Posted on Aug 3rd, 2010
re: Mel Gibson Text: 'I'm Drowning in Pure Rage' (59 comments)

Mel is a freak but it isn’t about him only. People can be wrong but they still deserve justice. This whole sh.i had started when she requested to list their daughter in the family trust which he had no intention to do since Robin was not happy. They had a big fight about the money when she was rolling on the ground with the baby in her hands. She then left and recorded him ever after while she kept seeing him and sleep with him and travel with him. . She secured recording as a leverage to blackmail him if he denied her a “fair share.” They got an agreement but he broke it because according to the recording he had no f.. money. They did made a deal later but she backed off cuz her layers said she could get more. The subject of the trust came up again. It’s all about money. In her earlier interviews she claimed Mel was a perfect father. She went to Russia with the recordings and from there she had a plan. I don’t trust her. Not because of Mel – he acted like a jerk but for the sake of justice. The rose garden is either a mental facility or a nursing home in CA. It’s no physical threat. He is a jerk or at least this is how he looks but she is a fake.He better give her what the law says and maybe sometime in the future they will figure how they can communicate.