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well for all of you tough guys on the internet I wish we could actually
meet and not one of you dick sucking homo’s in your parent’s basement
would utter a word to me

jezzer you are an asshole and yet if I had to fight for your right to say stupid shit I would
loser that’s something you would never understand

Hey jackass this is not an english class it’s a stupid gossip site
where I can see dumb celebrities do dumb shit so if my lack of punctuation
offends you oh well and I get my fill of tits and ass on this site

liberalism really is mental disorder

This is a gossip blog I don’t care about your stupid liberal opinions
about politics what makes you think people care talk abou celebrities
you dick

not true asshole say what you want I serve my country and I would
give my life for you to continue to say the bullshit you say

No one is down playing anything the lame stream media and politicians
are already talking about making it harder for law abiding citizens to buy
guns let’s make it harder to buy a knife or a bmw god I hate fucking liberals