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oh reallly McBeef, reptilian?! Now I love you again :)**(:

Posted on Jul 17th, 2013
re: Lola Ponce Bikini Photos: Ischia, Italy (1 comments)

Someone actually said these are rill?

her eyes are no longer blue…?

eww she’s such a creepy lizardlady sellout. It’s hilarious that she thinks she is so unique & sexy when she shovels food into her mouth with both hands in lieu of silverware.

Posted on Jun 20th, 2013
re: James Gandolfini Is Dead (1961 - 2013) (32 comments)

whatcha mean?

I should have put that in quotes, I took it from

ok to clarify… There is a difference between urine pH and blood pH, blood pH varies very little, while urine pH varies greatly. When the body is chronically producing large amounts of acid, it forces the blood to buffer itself (in order to maintain a blood pH of 7.4) by removing calcium from the bone to neutralize the acid. Over time, this depletes your bones of calcium and causes diseases such as osteoporosis and conditions including kidney stones (which are just collections of calcium). Chronic Acidosis can also affect your metabolism, weight and athletic performance.

So if that’s true, that explains how your blood stays at approx. 7, while urine/saliva tests show much lower results, the body is overcompensating to maintain homeostasis…?

Ideal ph level is slightly over 7. A level lower than that will lead to homeostasis imbalance, which is the breeding ground for diseases.
Easy to prove these kind of things, and not listen to assholes like “justifiable” who SERIOUSLY needs to get laid. while smoking a blunt.

ok that went through, so for the third time… I’m not sure of your point “holykemp”… the body’s ideal ph level is slightly over 7, with a lower ph level, homeostasis imbalance will likely occur, which can lead to many diseases. If you eat a lot of junk food, drink a lot of soda, you will have an acidic, rather than alkaline, ph level.. right?