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Posted on Oct 28th
re: Mama June Under Investigation By Child Services (36 comments)

Joel MacHale calls her the Human Thumb.

Is…is she wearing an adult diaper here?? I think she’s actually shooting a Depends commercial.

Did anyone else read the letter in Anthony Hopkins voice? I know I did, and what an honor it must have been for those actors to read it and know it was for them. I’m a big fan of Anthony Hopkins and a huge fan of Breaking Bad. Mixing the two together, well crap it seems I’ve soiled undergarments. Sorry, have to go.

Posted on Aug 22nd, 2013
re: Cameron Diaz Is Banging Jason Segel (14 comments)

He must like Cameron because she reminds him a of a muppet. Those huge googly eyes, that disturbingly wide mouth. She is ALL muppet.

Zachery has a freakishly big head. He’s like a walking candy apple.

Ugh. Jonah Hill has now ruined every funny movie he’s been in for me. What a self-absorbed dick wad.

Posted on Jan 15th, 2013
re: Megan Fox Is Crazier Than Any of Us Realized (84 comments)

Megan Fox has never done well with interviews. She has absolutley NO filter that says “Hey, maybe I shouldn’t say that!”. You’d think after getting fired from Transformers 3 for calling Micheal Bay a nazi in an interview might have taught her that her words can really have an impact on her image….

That article was amazing! Too bad they didn’t film a “making of” documentary because I think that would have done better than the actual movie! Plus it would have been great fun to actually see some of Lindsay’s meltdowns lol.

Posted on Oct 29th, 2012
re: Mila Kunis Looks Pregnant. For Real This Time. (34 comments)

I don’t know… Ashton is looking a little bloated himself! LOL

Posted on Oct 29th, 2012
re: Mila Kunis Looks Pregnant. For Real This Time. (34 comments)

I don’t know, she kinda looks preggers. But the after looking at the other pics, I think the stripes on her shirt are causing a sort of optical illusion. If it turns out she is though, who wants to bet that Demi Moore is gonna have another breakdown??? LOL