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Christian is also supposed to have light hair and be tall. Not going to work.

I agree, this boy is too dainty and effeminite. Him and Ian Somerhalder both always look like they’re wearing makeup.

Another gayface

Posted on Jul 23rd, 2012
re: The Most Important People on The Internet: Volume 2.30 (3 comments)

i think i saw this picture in the dictionary under “gayface”

Posted on Apr 12th, 2012
re: Hayden Panettiere Bikini Photos: Hawaii (4 comments)

I thought that WAS him! Isn’t RPatz in Hawaii right about this time trying to learn how to surf?

Posted on Mar 19th, 2012
re: The Crap We Missed - Monday 3.19.12 (5 comments)

aww is that the best they can offer?

Posted on Feb 12th, 2012
re: Scarlett Johansson's In A Bikini (59 comments)

hahaha i remember that bit

Posted on Feb 12th, 2012
re: Scarlett Johansson Bikini Photos: Hawaii (60 comments)

you’re talking out of your ass. just stop. no one photoshopped this picture. I shouldn’t even get into it because it sounds like you haven’t seen many women, but celluite on the ass doesn’t have much correlation with how toned arms or belly are.

Posted on Sep 24th, 2011
re: 0922-the-crap-we-missed-21 (25 comments)

of course.
because only gay people have standards.

Posted on Sep 21st, 2011
re: 0921-the-crap-we-missed-19 (18 comments)

So is the one in front. Also, they are filming a movie.
You seem observant.

Posted on Sep 14th, 2011
re: 0913-the-crap-we-missed-06 (24 comments)

she certainly has a Khloe Kardashian fat head going on