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So, wait…getting laughed at as a female politician is supposed to HELP your career? Only if your a liberal one who acts as doormat to the men in you life personally and professionally while condoning being a sexual predator and laughing at his victims? Got it.

AMEN. Boy do I wish there were more of us who would come out verbally swinging like that instead of all this PC crap. The “tolerant” Hollywood and liberal crowd don’t have a problem with it. They forget it’s the Constitution that gives them the rights to speak as such. If it’s so bad, head elsewhere..Iran, Venezuela, China…people are lining up to get in there.

HAHAHAHAHA! Troll…says she the NRA turned her OFF to guns. BWAHAHAHAHA…the extremists are the ones trying to take away your rights. Of course, you think we VOTE on rights, so….there’s that.

Yup but to question the Messiah is anti-American or racist…or something….

Exactly. Such a bunch of sheep.