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I read the word allegedly 8 times. This is just garbage…

Michael Jackson has been investigated by the FBI for 16 years and they DIDN’T FOUND ANYTHING. It’s really heartwarming to read that all you guys think you can judge people because you believe these filth in these tabloids.

I hope none of you will be in a position in which every media just copies the lies of another tabloid just to fill their pages.

Cause that is what they do. They never check facts. The word allegedly is there on purpose to avoid a lawsuit.

please get a grip, you don’t know anything

it is bubbles, don’t spread lies around, please

you are sooooo wrong, there is a whole community including his family to tell the truth (that he didn’t do anything to children or grownups for that matter) You just choice to read the garbage about him…

They didn’t find anything check your facts before you blur things out