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Posted on Dec 19th
re: Good Morning, Vicky Pattison, And Other News (8 comments)

LaurEN Silverman in a bikini. LaurA Silverman is something completely different (and I’d be much more interested in seeing her in a bikini than some rando that Simon Cowell knocked up)

1) It’s different because signing a petition =/= terrorism
2) It’s different because one is a segment of consumers who are voicing their displeasure in a product while threatening to withhold their business and the other are criminals who are stealing things and threatening murder people if they don’t get their way.
3) It’s not a censorship issue, it’s an issue about capitulating with terrorism.
4) If you honestly can’t see these glaringly obvious differences (or, as more likely the case, you’re just using this as an excuse to go bloviating like an asshole) you’re a fucking idiot.

Or they could make it the single most profitable direct-to-video release of all time. At this point people would Black Friday the shit out of each other to pick up this flick.

Then your roommate was smoking shitty pot. Jez’ sayin’

I stand in solidarity with you, Victor’s Secret. Masters of Sex (and her scenes from True Blood, the only parts of that show I ever watched) are nice and all, but I want to see it in IMAX

Posted on Dec 16th
re: Camille Cosby Just Went Full Dottie Sandusky (59 comments)


Posted on Dec 16th
re: Camille Cosby Just Went Full Dottie Sandusky (59 comments)

You know, at this point the smart thing for the two of them to do would be to completely retire from the public eye with their millions of dollars…I honestly don’t know why they’re bothering trying to fight it the way that they are. Bill is never going to recover from this. He’s just lucky that his fucked up rapist actions never caught up to him when it could’ve damaged something other than his reputation.

Posted on Dec 16th
re: What The Hell Is A Charli XCX? (13 comments)

A Charli XCX looks like an off-brand Krysten Ritter

Posted on Dec 12th
re: Kate Upton Is Topless (17 comments)

NSFW tag = more clicks

Posted on Dec 12th
re: And Now The Time We All Saw Ben Affleck's Dick (18 comments)

And not even an honorable mention for Neil Patrick Harris’ blood-covered cock? Sad day.