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Let’s take a wild leap and, for the sake of argument, say you’re right that rapes are both less common than reported and more often to be false accusations. Let’s be super generous and say that rapes are half as common as reported and half of those are false accusations. That’s still about 60,000 rapes a year in the US, over 160 a day. Even in my bullshit ridiculously skewed in your argument’s favor thought experiment you still end up being a fuckwit.

By definition we’re discussing people who can’t consent you backpedaling fuck.

“It might sound harsh, but someone who drinks to the point where they pass out in public and then gets sexually assaulted is as much at fault as the person who assaulted them. You put yourself in position to be taken advantage of.”

It doesn’t sound harsh, it sounds fucking evil. Also wrong, the onus on the rapist not to, you know, rape. If you forget to lock your car, that doesn’t mean you’re to blame when your stereo gets jacked. If you’re carrying money in your wallet you’re not to blame if you get mugged. Stop being an asshole.

“If a man drinks heavily and stumbles into traffic and gets killed, whose fault is that? If he gets into a fight and gets his ass kicked, who’s fault is that? If he just passes out busts his head open on the floor in an alley and bleeds to death, whose fault is that? His fault. He gave up his agency. He gave up control of his faculties to alcohol and put himself in danger”

This is fractally wrong, but I’ll only examine it from two positions. First, getting into a traffic accident, starting a fight, or falling over are not consent issues. Those instances are all someone getting drunk and then behaving badly. When dealing with the rape of a drunk person, the issue is that they’ve lost the ability to consent, not that they’re behaving badly.

Also, your examples are all about someone either having an accident or being the aggressor in a fight. The last is not pertinent and the other two are ridiculous comparisons unless you believe that most drunk women are accidentally raped by tripping and falling onto some dude’s dick. Fuck off.

Whether or not he was a democrat (no idea if he was or not) is incidental. It was still the right-wing and the gun lobby that pushed the laws and the culture that allowed this to happen.

While I haven’t seen anyone draw, I certainly had people freak the fuck out and call the cops when I used to carry. So, yeah, it is highly disruptive, and I don’t doubt that someone seeing a gun under someone’s coat might decide to try to be a hero before whatever robbery or mass shooting is about to happen.

So fuck off.

How hard is it to get through your head that things don’t work like they do in the movies? “Good guys” with guns rarely stop “bad guys” with guns during a mass killing for the simple reason that “bad guys” are already drawn and shooting. Setting aside the fact that most people have never been in a gun fight and would probably do more damage then help.

No, really he wouldn’t. Setting aside the fact that he was obviously willing to die, when you’re dealing with a shooter (even if you yourself have a gun) the odds are overwhelmingly in the attacker’s favor as to whether or not you can even draw.

So, unless by “arm and protect yourself” you mean “walk around in the Weaver ready position at all times,” it probably wouldn’t have made much of a difference.

Yes, because all those drive-by knifings are serious threats to the community.

Posted on May 22nd
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“Amy Willerton‘s a naked lady in a seashell”


I would disagree…racists are, by definition, asshole pieces of shit, but they’re not necessarily unstable. Many of them are ridiculously casual in their racism, many are very calculating in their racism, and still others are just plain oblivious.