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It’s amazing to me how people criticize teachers all the time. Where would you all be if you hadn’t gone to school or had at least one good teacher?

The long hours include correcting papers and projects after school or at home, after school help and before school help. In most districts, schools are in session until the end of June. Teachers do not become teachers for the vacation time. Most teachers actually have summer jobs and part-time jobs year round. Some teachers spend the summer tutoring previous and future students. Teachers are also require to keep current on all education aspects. They are attending night and weekend courses, that they pay for out of their own pockets.

I’m sure there are bad teachers out there just as there are bad bankers, politicans, lawyers and doctors but no one is sitting around complaining about how much money they all make. In fact, most teachers have taken pay cuts in the recent years because of the economy yet they are still there teaching. If they did not truely want to teach, they could have left the job once the pay cuts happened but they stayed.

Why don’t we all turn around and look at our state and local government? Many are over-staffed and paid more than teachers.

And for those of you wondering, I am not a teacher. I just don’t understand why people criticize teachers all the time. Most of you probably don’t even know a teacher or have children in the current school system.