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That is a false statement that you have headlined, Paula DID NOT say that you all ought to be taken to court for defirmation of character. This is all a bunch of crap, amazing how the media can add what they want and so many NIGGERS eat it up. If you want to know the term for a nigger look it up in the dictionary and for those of you who are two much of a nigger- IT IS A IGNORANT INDIVIDUAL. I’m tired of the double standard and yeah I know you are all going to say that not all blacks say it and we can say it because we don’t use it as an insult, I DON’T GIVE A CRAP- no one should be allowed to use it, not in music, movies or casual conversation. Paula in her statement, yes, admitted to using the word, but was in her past, bloody hell she is a white southern woman in her 60′s of course she used it in her past. STOP WITH THE DOUBLE STANDARD!!!!