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Posted on Apr 17th
re: Bryan Singer Accused of Raping, Drugging Teen Boy (60 comments)

I usually wait to see how these things pan out, but I kinda instantly believed this one. Not sure why.

“This eye is a vagina, because I can see out of my vagina, because feminism.”

Posted on Feb 24th
re: Dammit, We Lost Egon (1944 - 2014) (41 comments)

I can’t help but think of Back to School right now. RIP

Posted on Feb 14th
re: Kendall Jenner Nipples (22 comments)

Is Farscape back on the air?

Posted on Feb 11th
re: Chris Hemsworth Shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond (3 comments)

I think that’s actually West L.A., a couple of blocks east of Santa Monica. Just saying.

Posted on Jan 21st
re: Lindsay Lohan's A Movie Star Again! (31 comments)

The film’s is called Inconceivable? She’s making this really easy, isn’t she? Hell from now on any time I read a Lohan post, I’ll instantly think of Wallace Shawn.

Posted on Jan 16th
re: Jon Hamm Might Be Doctor Strange (10 comments)

Depp’s awesome, but I couldn’t help but think he’d make Stephen Strange “wacky”, which just doesn’t work for me. I can see Hamm doing it, but I’d really like to see Oded Fehr.