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If it walks like a duck it’s a duck:

Evil wears many faces, while black folks are the first to cry racism, they are the last to see the evil face of bigotry in their own….

Another story, another time, 1994 the O.J. Simpson trial and verdict, while many whites shook their heads, 88% of black folks cheered. With approximately 90% of whites angrily protesting he is guilty and 88% blacks saying his is not-guilty…don’t you see the irony, fast forward to the before and after Zimmerman case…So what’s different here? The what is, smells like the stench of bigoted hypocrisy, black newspapers, D.J’s, like Michael Basiden argued that mainstream media had been biased towards O.J…

.These same individuals which argue and proclaim racism to those who support George Zimmerman…and use terms like right-winged racists, to vilify. Nonetheless probably were among the ones who cheered on the not-guilty verdict….Eighty-eight percent of black folks cheered when O.J. was acquitted, but veered at those who supported George Zimmerman, tell me how is this so, when the “pot certainly can’t call the kettle black”.

These same black folk vociferously argued that O.J. was being set-up framed used the “Mob theory” as scapegoat to exonerate Simpson…But of course they aren’t racist, or bigots, because black folk can’t be racist or bigots’.. But for every Zimmerman supporter lays a seed of racism, while for those 88% black folk who supported O.J.’s acquittal it’s justice served….So please explain to me why is it O.K. for 88% of black folk to rally and cheer for this murderers acquittal, which they will vehemently argue he didn’t do it, nevertheless, those who rally in favor of George Zimmerman have to be ‘racist’, right-winger bigots?

There exists bigotry in all races, which from judging or examining these two cases is apparent…that that 88% of black folks are the worst kind of bigots…What they are saying, that 88%, it is O.K. for someone black to murder, a white, Jew, Hispanic, etc…and in our minds he will always be not-guilty, notwithstanding evidence. But Lord and behold, if someone, white, Jewish, Hispanic, etc…was to murder or kill someone black even in self-defense, or defending one’s home, etc…he is automatically a ‘bigoted racist’, who hates blacks….