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Posted on Apr 15th, 2011
re: 0415-the-crap-we-missed-03 (91 comments)

I’m not saying that Kevin’s reverted to eating his kids to get out of child support, but someone should probably do a head count at Shar Jackson’s house…

Posted on Mar 8th, 2011
re: Charlie Sheen: 'Sheen's Korner is a Shtick' (81 comments)

Can someone tell Charlie that tiger’s blood and coke doesn’t actually constitute a balanced diet?

Posted on Nov 15th, 2010
re: Mel Gibson Admits 'Slapping' Oksana (65 comments)

Mel always struck me as an ” I slap with my fists” kind of guy…

Posted on Nov 10th, 2010
re: 1110-tara-reid-drunk-04 (2 comments)

She should receive the Guinness World Record for “Most [unappealing] Nip Slips.” I assume she hasn’t gotten it yet because everyone has refused to do the official count-up.

Posted on Oct 4th, 2010
re: Friday in a Slutty Miley Cyrus Nutshell (37 comments)

Frankie Muniz has a twitter account? That’s more surprising than when I found out I was following Gilbert Gotfried on Friday…

Posted on Oct 4th, 2010
re: Courtney Love Committed a Hate Crime (29 comments)

While the picture may be slightly NSFW, one of the thumbnails from the video results from the Bing search engine thing is very NSFW…I need to go wash my eyes with bleach…

Posted on Oct 4th, 2010
re: Stephen J. Cannell Died (1941 - 2010) (20 comments)

Lindsay Lohan will die sooner or later, just like the rest of us. However, the difference between her dying and Mr. Cannell dying is that no one will have a nice thing to say about her. Even her parents will be too busy blaming and suing the courts/rehab centers/each other to make time to write a kind obituary for her.

Posted on Oct 4th, 2010
re: Stephen J. Cannell Died (1941 - 2010) (20 comments)

Nicely written Fish.

Posted on Sep 24th, 2010
re: MOTHERF#%&ER! (98 comments)

Wish they had announced this before I shelled out all that money for my “Lindsay Behind Bars!” themed cake. Dammit…

Posted on Sep 2nd, 2010
re: Lindsay Lohan Told to Stay Away from 'Machete' Premiere (45 comments)

Anyone else notice her fly’s down? Just me and my annoying eye for detail? Fair enough…