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“And she’s not even pretty”…. help me out, old Hole fans (or used-to-be fans, as that’s the category I fall into now)… who said that to her?? I can’t remember. My point is, this is one more example on her holding onto the time where she was (somewhat) relevant. It’s 20-f’n'-12. The name of her art show is something someone said to her/about her roughly 20+ years ago (I wish I could remember the context.. errr). As you get older, you do get wiser, and to everyone I ever said “F You. Kurt and Billy don’t write her songs!”, I stand corrected b/c her art are shit sketches and titled after someone’s poorly placed jealous at the time and we haven’t heard a good song since Celebrity Skin and I’ll just say that b/c it sounds like it’s got Corgan all over it and I’m a Corgan fan. I wasn’t even remotely excited when original Hole got together last month (irony, MADM was more annoying the Clove). Pa-f**ckin-thetic.

My hat is off to Francis for beating the odds.

I’ll be surprised if Clove makes it out of 2012. I guess we can all take solace that Kurt’s going to chew her ass when he sees her. Thanks for reading my rant.