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Posted on Aug 1st, 2010
re: Tara Reid Apparently Went Commando (62 comments)

To the author: a female external genital that looks like Mickey Rourke’s face isn’t that far off the anatomical map, actually. Think about it…

Posted on Aug 1st, 2010
re: Randy Jackson is Still on American Idol (43 comments)

Never mind the humiliation doled out to the contestants – can you imagine the ego-chop delivered to an erstwhile celebrity who gets the pink slip from American Idol? “Sorry, but you just aren’t as wide an asshole as Simon Cowell…”

Posted on Aug 1st, 2010
re: Snooki Won't Wear Bikinis, 'A One Piece is More Provocative' (173 comments)

Someone else said it: “Heat in the winter, shade in the summer.”

I mean, if you forget all the outrageous crap Snooki’s said and done (my Norwegian Forest cat is more Italian than she is)… it’s a simple case of “more cushion for the pushin.” Though I wish the paparazzo had shot from the other side and given us a full profile of the tall girl behind her sporting major fun bags.