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We don’t negotiate with terrorists. We listen to their demands, and obey politely.

Posted on Dec 14th
re: Beverly Johnson: 'Bill Cosby Drugged Me' (63 comments)

I recognize the cadence of a joke there, but I think you’re still unclear on the concept.

For the record, if “gold” was the goal, it’s way more profitable to be paid to keep quiet (like many women no doubt were) than to come forward for the publicity. In most of these cases it’s the publicity that kept these women from speaking up. Ignorant shit stains like yourself have tried to attach stigma to the raped, instead of the rapist. Only one reason a person would do that.

Are you kidding? He wore a tuxedo…that’s like totally asking for it.

If I remember right, and there’s no reason I should, the whole BS pretense to this “art show” was that it was an ironic catch all “mea culpa”, and to show his regret for his public behavior the public was allowed to come in and interact with him however they wanted. Not sure if there were limits put on the interaction, but I never heard of any, so the way I see it that’s consent…at least until it wasn’t in which case he called security.

I don’t know, I guess it aint cool, but I couldn’t look a real rape victim in the face and tell her/him that it’s the same.

Hell yeah it’s a sliding scale, Statler. The other options are to believe everyone about everything, or no one about anything. We make a million judgement calls a day and the fact that we can do so is the only reason we are still around as a species.

Also, Janice Dickinson is cray cray.

Posted on Nov 20th
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 11.20.14 (15 comments)

Moments later that poor dog was crushed by the cleavalanche.

Posted on Nov 20th
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 11.20.14 (7 comments)

Aw dammit….ruined.

Posted on Nov 20th
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 11.20.14 (8 comments)

That cotton panel is not having it.

Posted on Nov 20th
re: All The Shit Happening With Bill Cosby (126 comments)

Lay off Captain Kirk. It’s hard argue logically with a severed penis in ones mouth.

Posted on Nov 14th
re: The Crap We Missed - Friday 11.14.14 (18 comments)

As inexplicable as it seems, El DeBarge must have been busy.